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ECP Torque Anchors

ECP Earth Contact ProductsECP Helical Torque Anchors™ is a part of the complete product line of helical piers, steel piers, and foundation repair products manufactured by Earth Contact Products, LLC, a family-owned company based in Olathe, Kansas. The company was built upon the ECP Steel Pier™, a fourth-generation end-bearing steel mini-pile designed and patented by Don May.

Their 85,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility produces all components and steel assemblies. The only processes not done in their facility are galvanization and hot forge upsetting of couplings. Because of this, ECP is able to custom configure products to fit engineered specific applications. Earth Contact Products uses only certified welders and robotics for quality fabrication.

Torque Anchor Components

ecp helical anchors - foundation stabilization productsThe ECP Torque Anchor™ consists of a shaft fabricated from either solid square steel bar or tubular steel. Welded to the shaft are one or more helical plates. The plates can vary in diameter from 6″ to 16″ and have a thickness of 3/8″ or 1/2″ depending upon the soil and the application.

Typically the plate diameters increase from the bottom of the shaft upward and are spaced a distance of three times the diameter of the plate directly below unless specified otherwise by the engineer. The standard thickness for all helical plates diameters is 3/8 inch, except the 16″ diameter which is manufactured only in 1/2″ thickness. In high load applications plate thickness of 1/2″ may be specified for all plates. The pitch of the helical plate is three inches, which means that the anchor advances into the soil a distance of three inches during one revolution of the shaft. The available lead shaft lengths are 10″, 60″, 84″, and 120″, however, other lengths may be specially fabricated.

Because helical piers are considered deep foundation elements; they are usually installed into the soil to a depth greater than just the length of the typical lead section. Extensions of various lengths are available and are supplied with couplings and hardware for attachment to the lead or other extensions allowing the helical piers assembly to reach the desired depth. Helical plates may also be installed on the extensions where the length of the lead is not sufficient to allow for the proper interval between plates. The number of the plates per Helical Torque Anchor™ is limited only by the capacity of the shaft to transmit the torque required to advance the Helical Torque Anchor™ into the soil.

Helical piers may terminate with a pier cap that will be embedded into a concrete foundation. A transition is made from the anchor shaft to a continuously threaded rod in other applications such as tieback anchors. Various beams, wall plates, etc. can be attached to the threaded bar for wall support, and to restore or to simply stabilize walls or other structures from overturning forces. In foundation restoration repair and stabilization applications, foundation brackets are available that attach between the Helical Torque Anchor™ and the foundation beam or footing. Transferring the load from the soil below the footing to the helical piers restores the structure.

ECP recommends that only a registered engineer design and oversee the application of helical anchors when used in foundation repair or new construction projects.

PDF Brochures:
ECP Helical Anchors
ECP Equipment Schematic

Helical Torque Anchors 1-1/2” Square

Note: Products Listed In BOLD TYPE Are Standard Items And Are Usually Available In Stock. Shaded Areas Indicate Product Available As Special Order – Allow Extra Time For Processing. All Helical Plates Spaced At Three Times The Diameter Of The Preceding Plate Effective Length Of Extension Is 3” Less Than Overall Dimension Due to Coupling Overlap All Product Hot Dip Galvanized Per ASTM A123 Grade 100

Helical Torque Anchors 2-7/8” Round

Helical Torque Anchors 2-7/8” LW Round

NO SPECIAL ORDERS ACCEPTED – Only the products shown above are stocked and available
Extensions are supplied with coupling and ASTM A325 bolts & nuts. Shaft weight per foot – 5.8 lb.

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