Foundation Repair Services in Falls Church, VA

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Foundation Repair for Falls Church

Foundation failure is all to common in areas of Falls Church, VA. Keep on the lookout for signs of foundation failure such as:

AMC911 Crawl Space & Foundation Repair has lots of experience and we use the best products available for foundation repair. Our underpinning products such as steel push piers and helical piers are manufactured by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the best in the industry.

Waterproofing in Falls Church

Homes in the Falls Church, VA area are prone to water damage, especially during the spring season.  AMC911 Crawl Space & Foundation Repair offers many waterproofing services for you in the Falls Church, VA area.

  • Exterior waterproofing
  • Interior waterproofing
  • Crawl space encapsulation

All of the products we use for waterproofing are manufactured by ECP.

AMC911 Crawl Space & Foundation Repair also installs Smart Vent flood vents for customers located on a flood plain. These will protect your foundation and home from flooding.

Concrete Leveling and Repair for Falls Church

If you have noticed that you are in need of concrete leveling or repair in your Falls Church, VA home, AMC911 Crawl Space & Foundation Repair has the solution for you. Most sinking concrete issues arise from the soil underneath the concrete being eroded away or not properly compacted before being installed. Voids are created when the soil shrinks from being dry and then the concrete settles into these voids, making the concrete to sink and crack.

AMC911 Crawl Space & Foundation Repair uses polyurethane foam slab jacking to lift your foundation back to its original level. To do this, we inject foam into your concrete that expands 20 to 25 times its volume, filling the voids within seconds and lifting the concrete. This type of concrete leveling and repair is much more economical than replacing the entire concrete slab. No heavy equipment needs to be brought in, and the concrete is ready to use immediately after the repair is completed.

Whatever your needs are for foundation repair, waterproofing, or concrete leveling and repair in the Falls Church, VA area, you can count on AMC911 Crawl Space & Foundation Repair to get the repair done using the best products in the industry. We offer a lifetime of the house warranty on all of our services. Don’t hesitate, to contact us today for your foundation, waterproofing, or concrete repair needs in Falls Church, VA.

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