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Be Your Home’s Favorite Valentine!

During the month of February the excitement of the previous year holidays and the New Year events wears off.  On comes the color red, the hearts, chocolates and flowers.  As romantic as that is for many….did you ever take the time to think….Who is my Home’s Valentine?  Does she feel loved, cared for and appreciated for always providing me protection from all the outside elements?  Have I shown her how important she is to me and to my entire family?

Chances are that you have not.  Let February 2020 be the year you become your Home’s Favorite Valentine.

Three Reasons to Have Your Foundation Repaired During Valentines Season

If you are starting to see signs of damage to your home’s foundation such as cracks and crumbling, you may wonder when to schedule foundation repair. We recommend that you schedule a free inspection without delay no matter what the season. There can even be advantages to foundation repair in the month of love that you might not have considered.

Repairing the Foundation in the Winter months Can Prevent Spring Moisture and Foundation Issues

Even though heavy snow and the subsequent problems with melting are rare in Hampton Roads, we have seen a few of them regardless.  Furthermore, spring can bring a higher amount of rain than the rest of the year. If you postpone foundation repair until the weather gets warmer, you risk the cracks on the outside of your home getting larger and letting in more rain water. That leaves you with a wet crawl space and/or developing moisture within the walls of your home. It is far better to repair the cracks now so you can feel confident that your home will remain dry when the rainy weather of spring arrives.

Prevent Your Home from Sinking Further into the Soil

The cold air of winter removes moisture and replaces it with drier air. This in turn can cause problems with your home’s foundation sinking into the soil. If it has already started to sink, the last thing you want is for the process to expedite itself.

Our team will check state of the soil that supports your home’s foundation and work to ensure your foundation is properly supported, and install systems that can help the soil around it be more supportive of it.  We will also check for obvious signs of damage on the outer portion of your home. If the problem goes unchecked, you could start to see issues indoors such as sagging floors and ceilings, windows and doors that are difficult to close, and cracks in the walls.

Outside Valentine’s Day, Winter Tends to Be a Slower Pace of Life for Most Families

After the holidays and the start of the New Year, life can settle into a routine for the next several months. Kids are in school, work schedules get back to regular pace, and until early spring most folks stay put with limited travel.  Arranging for foundation repair now will likely have the least disruption to your schedule and free you up to take a spring or summer vacation. It also ensures that your home is safe and that you don’t have to spend valuable time during the warm weather seasons dealing with foundation repair.

Contact The Expert for a Free Inspection

Just like you would not skimp on celebrating your human Valentine, don’t just go to anyone for your home’s Foundation or Waterproofing needs.  Call AMC911 the experts on your side for a free inspection.  AMC911 understands that your home is your most valuable asset and the place where you live with those you love the most. If you feel concerned that problems exist with the foundation of your home, please contact us to arrange a free inspection. We will let you know at that appointment if we recommend any repairs.

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