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Crack Injection Repair

AMC911 Crawl Space & Foundation Repair provides the perfect solution to eliminate water leaks entering your basement through the cracks in your walls and floors. We offer crack injection repairs made by Earth Contact Products (ECP). Our crack injection repairs consist of epoxy injections, polyurethane injections, surface sealer epoxy, and crack injection accessories. Our products are designed to stop water seepage from wall cracks. The liquid contains urethane that fills in cracks before they start to expand and widen. This method is so effective that it keeps water outside of the foundation, preventing it from seeping through the wall and into your basement.

Benefits of Crack Injection Repair

crack injection repair in virginiaEpoxy injections restore the integrity of the foundation by sealing cracks as small as .005″. One important feature of the ECP polyurethane resin is its flexibility which allows it to move with the wall as the soil expands and contracts. Polyurethane can be injected into actively water-seeping cracks, eliminating water leaks within seconds. Surface sealer epoxy is a fast-setting crack sealer. It seals cracks prior to injecting cracks. We also use crack injection accessories, such as dispensing guns, ports, and static mixers to complete the crack repair process. All of these components help guard your home against water damage. They offer the following benefits:

  1. Guards against air leaks
  2. Stops water leaks and seepage
  3. Flexible
  4. Seals wall cracks
  5. Reduces moisture levels and humidity
  6. Can be applied to the exterior of the home
  7. Reduces water vapor permeation

Our crack injections are durable commercial-grade products that are reliable and economical. The epoxy hardens seconds after the application process to keep the seal intact. For all of your waterproofing needs, contact AMC911 Crawl Space & Foundation Repair today. We provide free estimates for all of your crack wall injections in Virginia. We’ll keep water from entering your basement. Call us today!

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