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Thank you for voting us "Best Foundation Repair Company" in Virginia Beach & Chesapeake!

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Foundation Repair Hampton Roads, VA

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Have You Noticed Signs of Foundation Issues in Your Home?

As a homeowner in the Hampton Roads area, VA it can be unsettling to notice issues with your home’s foundation. Seeing cracks in your foundation, gaps around windows and doors, or cracks in brickwork can rob you of your peace of mind. If left untreated, foundation issues typically worsen, resulting in decreased home value and compromised structural integrity.

A recent study in Virginia indicates foundation failure can detract up to 20% of a home’s value.  

House Foundation Damage

Signs of Foundation Failure Are Often Subtle

Many of the above signs of foundation failure can be subtle and may not seem like a big deal at first. However, even tiny drywall cracks and small door and window misalignments can signify a bigger problem. Cracks in brickwork or a concrete foundation are almost always a sign of trouble. If you see any of the above or anything else that seems suspicious, contact AMC911 today and schedule a foundation evaluation. If there’s a problem, we’ll give you a repair estimate as well.

Foundation Repair Hampton Roads, VA

Don't Worry. Most Foundation Problems Can Be Repaired.

The good news is that AMC911 can address the root causes of most foundation problems and even fix badly damaged foundations. Your home deserves a secure foundation that will last. Contact us today and we will come out to your home, determine whether you have a foundation issue, and if you do, we will provide you with your free repair plan and estimate.

AMC911’s Guaranteed Foundation Repair Solutions

Foundation problems are almost always repairable. However, they require highly technical and specialized equipment and experience that few companies have. But we do. Using piers to permanently stabilize your home’s foundation requires pushing them deep in to the ground until they hit stable soil, sometimes hundreds of feet below the structure.

Push piers and helical piers are the two most common methods for repairing settled foundations. Both are minimally-invasive repair solutions than can quickly stabilize & strengthen a failing foundation.


The AMC911 Difference Engineered Solutions to Protect Your Most Valuable Asset!

If you suspect your home’s foundation might have an issue, a foundation inspection by a structural engineer can uncover the problem and then suggest an appropriate repair solution.

At AMC911, we have an engineer on staff, David Williams. David studied Engineering at Old Dominion and obtained his Professional Engineer’s certification from the Commonwealth of Virginia. He has worked closely together with engineers and architects on restoration and remodeling projects, both big and small alike.

What Causes Foundation Failure?

Most Foundation Problems Are Caused by Water

Believe it or not, most foundation problems are caused by water. There will be trouble when there’s either too much or too little water in the soil around a foundation.

For example, when there isn’t enough moisture in the ground, clay-rich soil underneath your home will shrink and pull away from your foundation. This could cause cracks in your foundation slab. On the other hand, too much moisture in clay-rich soil will cause it to expand and push against your foundation walls.

This back-and-forth shrinking and swelling of the soil can, over time, cause a phenomenon called differential settlement, or when a foundation settles into the ground unevenly. Differential settlement causes everything to be out of plumb. You’ll start to see problems like uneven floors, wall cracks, and windows and doors that don’t open and close properly.

Read more about the causes of foundation failure.

Foundation Repair

So, Where Is All That Excess Moisture in the Soil Coming From?

Problems leading to water-saturated soil around a foundation include poor drainage, plumbing leaks, and swimming pool leaks.

But, Other Things Can Also Cause Foundation Failure

Imbalanced soil conditions are not the only thing that can cause foundation issues. A foundation can settle and become uneven from any of the following:

Soil that wasn’t adequately prepared before construction began

Before beginning any construction project, the soil needs to be adequately tamped down. If this isn’t done, the structure will settle unevenly into the soil after it’s built.

Overgrown tree roots

If someone digs a big hole too close to a foundation, it can destabilize the soil under the foundation leading to serious problems.

Extensive excavation next to the foundation

Large tree roots can invade the ground under a foundation and wreak havoc.

Earthquakes and other natural disasters

When the ground moves, so does your foundation.

wall crack

How To Prevent Foundation Problems

Because most foundation problems are caused by water, you can go a long way toward preventing trouble by simply controlling groundwater around a foundation. There are various ways to do this, including,

AMC911 Serves the Entire Hampton Roads Area

AMC911 Crawl Space and Foundation Repair are Class A contractors and Better Business Bureau Torch Award Winners (with an A+ rating). We have over 25 years of experience, are fully insured, and all our work is done with our highly trained in-house crews. Our solutions come with parts and labor warranties to give you added peace of mind. Let AMC911 Crawl Space and Foundation Repair restore the structural integrity of your home today.

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