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Foundation Repair in Isle of Wight, VA

Isle of Wight County in VA is an area rich in history. The county government is one of the oldest in the United States.

There are also many natural and beautiful sites to appreciate in the are. The James River borders the county’s Northeast and flows south to the Chesapeake Bay.

Although it is a beautiful place to live, there are issues that homeowners must contend with. This includes the soil types and the moisture, both of which can be problematic for a home’s foundation.

When foundation problems happen, the time to act is now. These issues will not go away on their own. They will only worsen as the moisture and shifting soil cause problems.

We have the most common signs of foundation problems listed for you below. We will also give you some of the most common ways foundation issues are corrected.

If you see these problems or would like to take advantage of our free annual foundation inspection, please contact us. At AMC911, we are ready to help.

House Foundation Damage

Common signs of foundation problems in Isle of Wight, VA

Ask any homeowner, and they will tell you problems are to be expected once you move into a home. Some are mild, and others are serious, but all can cause stress.

One of the most difficult issues a homeowner can face is when foundation failure is approaching. This problem may start small, but as it builds, the symptoms become more and more severe.

That doesn’t mean all symptoms of foundation problems indicate your home will sink into the earth. Some of these problems may happen naturally, but if you see them, address them with a foundation inspection.

Cracked Walls and Floors

It is common for walls and floors to crack. Concrete will do so naturally as it cures, and vertical cracks in walls are not typically much of a problem.

However, when you start to see the cracks as a diagonal or horizontal issue, it is time to call in the professionals. Stairstep cracks are also a problem that should not be ignored.

Moisture and Standing Water

One of the issues that can lead to foundation failure in the Isle of Wight, VA, is water. Soil expands when it soaks in water due to the weather, plumbing leaks, or other issues. This can put pressure on your foundation walls.

As the soil dries, it contracts. Soil shrinkage can sometimes cause your foundation to shift and crack. It may also leave behind voids in the area of your foundation.

In either case, foundation seepage and excessive moisture result from those issues. If you are seeing more moisture in your home or have a mold problem, it could be a foundation problem.

Windows and Doors

Did you know that the windows and doors at your home can speak to you? If they start sticking or you see gaps, it is likely a sign that your foundation is moving.

In more severe cases, you may see gaps in the molding when the frames shift. Cracks may also appear in the drywall and travel from a corner of the window or door into the wall.

Chimney Problems

When was the last time you inspected your chimney? If you look closely and notice cracks forming, it could signify foundation failure.

In more severe cases, the chimney may separate from the house and lean away from the structure. This is a sign that something needs correcting with your foundation right away.

There are just a few of the symptoms that you are facing foundation failure. When you see these symptoms appear, call AMC911 for help.

Foundation Underpinning

Common Methods for Foundation Repair

Has anyone ever tried to diagnose a serious problem without looking into the issue closely? You would hardly put any faith in what they told you to do to correct the problem.

At AMC911, we understand the need to provide personalized foundation repair suggestions. There is never a fix that will fit all situations, so trust that we will always use the best methods possible methods for you.

Foundation Repair Services in Isle of Wight, VA

These are the top foundation repair services our professionals have used in Isle of Wight, VA, over the years. One or more of these options may be considered for your home when foundation failure is a problem.


Generally speaking, some sort of underpinning will take place to level the foundation. This may involve the use of steel piers or perhaps an injection of polyurethane foam. A combination may be used if gaps are left behind as the home is lifted.

Push Piers

This is, by far, the most common form of foundation leveling. Push piers are pushed into the ground hydraulically and stacked until they have a firm footing in bedrock.

Once the push piers are on solid ground, they are capped and attached to your home. Our professionals can then do an organized and synchronized lift of the structure to the best acceptable position.

Helical Piers

Although push piers are the most common option, sometimes circumstances demand the use of something more substantial. Helical piers are also steel bars, but they contain a corkscrew that allows them to be screwed into the earth as they are pushed down.

If the building is delicate or the soil is problematic, then helical piers may be used. They are inserted into the ground until they provide a solid vertical hold for the foundation.

Crack Repair

At times, cracks may form, and you might have moisture seepage. These cracks can be repaired with epoxy injections. As the gaps are filled, they no longer allow moisture in from outside.

If the foundation is lifted using underpinning, the cracks may close to a large extent. An epoxy injection and perhaps some carbon fiber straps may be used to help sure-up the wall and provide a permanent solution.

Preventative Measures

When was the last time you had your foundation inspected? AMC911 offers a free annual inspection with far more detail than a typical home inspection. You can read more about it and request one for yourself below:

Free Foundation Repair Inspection and Estimate in Isle of Wight, VA

Home inspections can take on many different levels. When we move into a home, we might have a general inspection, roof inspection, or even a pest inspection. None of those options are even close to what we offer as a free foundation repair inspection.

When the pros at AMC911 provide you with a free foundation repair inspection, it is like looking at your home’s structure. We look for problems and provide you with solutions. Sometimes, we can even provide feedback while we are still on-site.

How often should you have a foundation inspection? In Isle of Wight, VA, it is generally recommended to have your foundation inspected yearly. We offer free annual foundation repair inspections.

All you have to do is fill out our convenient online form, and one of our specialists will get with you soon. It’s the best thing you can do to keep your home in good condition and put your mind at ease.

Foundation Repair
Foundation Repair

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