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Yorktown is a small community in York County, VA. It only has a population of just under 200 people but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in history.

Located on the North bank of the York River, this town is easily accessible from the north via the Coleman Memorial Bridge. The easy access to the water makes it a prime location for homeowners. The same water can also cause problems.

The soil around Yorktown can easily get overwhelmed with water from the York River and the extreme weather the area experiences at times. When it does, it expands. That can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation, causing it to buckle, bow, shift, and sink.

If you notice signs that your foundation is having trouble, you can request a free foundation inspection and estimate from AMC911. We offer the services necessary to keep your home’s foundation in top shape.

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Common signs of foundation problems in Yorktown, VA

When your home’s foundation experiences problems, it can show itself in other areas of the structure. This can include the walls, floors, and even the chimney.

Be aware of the following symptoms of foundation failure. When you see them, contact AMC911 for a complete evaluation of your foundation.

Cracked Walls

The walls in the home will often crack as the foundation shifts and sinks. These cracks may appear in the foundation walls or even in the drywall inside of the home.

Not all cracks are the same and each may tell a different story of what is happening at your home. Some of the most problematic cracks include horizontal and stairstep cracks. Any cracks that originate at a door or window and go outward can also be a sign of a bigger problem.

Floor Cracks

You may also notice cracks forming in the floors of the home as well. Some may be under the existing floor, so they are more noticeable when the slab is showing, such as in the garage or basement.

When the slab cracks under the tile, it can also transfer to the tile floor. You may be seeing cracks in the grout or perhaps the tile itself is cracking.

Bowed Walls

The walls of the home are under pressure at all times but when the soil expands due to moisture, the pressure can get the best of them. If you notice your walls bowing, it is a telltale sign that foundation problems are occurring.

Chimney Cracking/Leaning

The chimney may be attached to your home but it sits on a smaller and often separate foundation. When the home’s foundation shifts, it can lead to the chimney cracking or separating from the structure. If you see this, call AMC911 for a foundation inspection.

Window and Door Gaps

Gaps may begin appearing around the windows and doors as the foundation shifts. This can cause visible gaps, but even if it isn’t noticeable, the doors and windows will begin sticking.

Sinking Foundation

The foundation may sink in different ways. At times, it may all sink at the same rate, which isn’t as big of a problem but it can still cause issues. If you notice the foundation is sinking, it should be checked.

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Common Methods for Foundation Repair

If you notice the symptoms of foundation failure, you aren’t without hope. There are many options to get your home back in shape again and stop it from happening in the future.

Foundation Repair Services in Yorktown, VA

At AMC911, we have been helping people in Yorktown and throughout Virginia to have a stable foundation and to overcome the problems associated with foundation failure. Each job is different, but the process typically uses one or more of the following:


This process uses a number of different methods to stabilize and lift a foundation. For those in the area of Yorktown, push and helical piers are the most common.

These piers, which are steel pins, are pushed or screwed (helical) into the ground until they reach bedrock. At that point, they are attached to the foundation to stabilize it.

In some cases, and when necessary, the piers can be used to gently lift the foundation to an acceptable level. This is always done to the maximum allowable level without causing damage to the structure.

Crack Repair

One of the most noticeable symptoms of foundation failure is cracking. When cracks appear, they must be repaired.

Cracks in the walls can be filled by injecting epoxy. This material will strengthen the area and keep the crack from expanding. The epoxy will also stop water from seeping into the home.

If cracks appear in the sidewalks or slabs, it could pose a tripping hazard. These can also be repaired by injecting polyurethane foam into a void under the concrete, which would lift it into position. Epoxy injections could then repair and stabilize any remaining gaps.

Free Foundation Repair Inspection and Estimate in Yorktown, VA

When was the last time you had your home’s foundation inspected? Many experts in the field recommend that those in Yorktown have a foundation inspection on an annual basis.

You can fill out the form on our website to request your free annual foundation inspection and estimate. After requesting the inspection, one of our pros will get back to you soon.

Foundation Repair
Foundation Repair

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