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Foundation Repair in Newport News, VA

Newport News, VA, offers something year-round for visitors and residents alike. It is known for its history and fantastic outdoor activities, especially on the water.

Water is also something of concern to homeowners, especially when it affects the foundation. With extended exposure to water and movement in the soil, it isn’t long before the moisture gets inside, and that’s when the real problems begin.

Water can place severe stress on your home structure. Cracks begin to form, and insects and rodents can access the inside as they grow. Water seepage then becomes a problem, leading to rusted appliances and the possibility of mold and mildew.

If you are experiencing problems with your foundation or if you notice excess moisture, contact AMC911 Crawl Space & Foundation Repair. We offer free foundation inspections and can assist in many ways to get your home back in shape again.

House Foundation Damage

Common signs of foundation problems in Newport News, VA

When we get sick, the first thing we do is notice and look for symptoms. Those symptoms could include fevers, chills, aches, or nausea. When our home foundation is sick and needs help, we should also look for symptoms.

The list of potential symptoms below can indicate a problem with the foundation. If you notice one or more symptoms, don’t panic. Our free foundation inspection will identify what is behind it and put your mind at ease by letting you know what we can do to help.

Floor Cracks

It is usual for concrete to crack as it cures. These cracks tend to be small, and they stay small. However, floor cracks associated with foundation shifting are a much bigger problem.

These floor cracks are often seen first in areas where the concrete is exposed, such as the garage. You may see cracks in the tile or grout lines if the floor cracks under a tile floor.

Foundation Wall Cracks

It is normal to see small cracks appear in the foundation wall due to minor settling. These cracks tend to be vertical, but the situation is likely a more significant problem if they are horizontal or a stairstep diagonal crack.

When cracks appear in the foundation wall, they also may grow over time. Foundation wall cracks are not a problem that can be covered over or ignored. It is always better to have these problems fixed sooner than later.

Excessive Moisture or Water

The soil around our home expands and contracts as the moisture level rises and falls. The shift in the earth can put pressure on the foundation, leading to cracking and the possibility of moisture intrusion.

As the problem worsens, you may notice cracks in the walls and floors, water leaks, standing water, mold, mildew, and other signs listed here. AMC911 understands how to address the situation, so contact us today for more information.

Chimney Cracks or Separation

Chimneys can crack for many different reasons, but often, it is due to the home’s foundation sinking or experiencing other types of damage. As the main structure moves, it leads to cracks in the chimney or the chimney separating from the house.

A separating or cracking chimney is not a symptom to ignore. If you see problems with your chimney, contact AMC911. It is best to know if this is a sign of a bigger problem so it can be repaired now.

Sticking Windows and Doors

As the foundation shifts, it causes the door and window frames to go out of square. As a result, they begin sticking when they open and close. It also gets worse as time goes by.

As the issue worsens, you may notice separating frames around the doors and windows or cracks in the drywall that can extend from the door or window outward.

Bowed Walls

The soil in Newport News is often wet and can go through a freeze/thaw cycle throughout the winter months. As a result, the soil can push against the foundation, resulting in a bowed wall. This problem can lead to other issues, including additional symptoms mentioned above.

Foundation Underpinning

Common Methods for Foundation Repair

Foundation repair can take on many different forms. At AMC911, we have seen foundation issues that range from very minor to extremely severe. In any case, options are available, but those options may differ.

The best thing to do is to contact us for a free foundation inspection. A professional foundation inspection will show why the problem is occurring and give you a report so you know what we can do about the situation.

Foundation Repair Services in Newport News, VA

Since so many different things can be done to repair a foundation in Newport News, it’s impossible to name them all in one article. What we can do is provide you with the most common foundation repair services, which we are including below:

Push Piers

These steel pier sections are hydraulically pressed into the ground near the foundation until they reach bedrock. At that point, they are attached to the foundation, which is then stabilized and moved back into position.

Helical Piers

Similar to a push pier, helical piers contain an attached section that allows the peer to be screwed into the ground. Helical piers are beneficial in certain soil types or for more delicate homes that may not withstand the pressure of a push pier.

Crack Repair

When foundation cracks appear, they can be a symptom of a bigger problem. Repairing the foundation and lifting it into place usually seals the gaps to a certain extent.Any cracks that are left behind are simply cosmetic problems. They can be sealed with an epoxy injection, or carbon fiber straps can be used to help reinforce the wall.

Free Foundation Repair Inspection and Estimate in Newport News, VA

They often say that the best offense is a good defense. That saying is also true when it comes to our foundation.

If you want to take care of your home and ensure that foundation problems will not wreck it, then a foundation inspection is imperative. A foundation inspection is more than a building, pest, or roof inspection. A foundation inspection looks into the very structure of the home.

AMC911 offers free annual foundation inspections. That schedule is recommended due to the changing soil in Virginia.

We offer the expertise you need for a proper structural engineer foundation inspection. As a result, you will know what is happening with your home’s foundation and what you need to do to keep it in good health.

Please complete our convenient online form for your free annual foundation inspection.

Foundation Repair
Foundation Repair

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