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Atlas Life of The House Product Warranties

How can you – as a homeowner – be assured that once we install our piers, they will never move? We install permanent benchmarks as each pier is installed. In most cases, they are drilled in the brick veneer or siding. The theory is that these benchmarks are not all going to move simultaneously, even with settling … and if one does move, it will be verified by the laser shot with the transit. The pin locations are noted on our original drive logs which will be recorded during the installation pile process.

setting laser point for foundation product settling
Laser being set up with the pins being installed
tape to assure pin leveling
Blue tape being utilized to mark a horizontal pen mark to assure hole is level
pin drilling - foundation settling
A hole being drilled
pin set in brickwork
A horizontal line etched on the face of the pin denoting exact elevation of the laser’s line

Foundation Repair “Life of the House or Structure” Warranty

Atlas Life of The House Foundation Repair Product Warranty

Basement – Crawlspace Waterproofing Warranty

Atlas Life of The House Basement - Crawlspace Waterproofing Product Warranty

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