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Foundation Problems: Misaligned Windows & Doors

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Many homeowners in Virginia have windows and doors in their homes that won’t quite close all the way, are hard to open, or close on their own. You might brush this misalignment off as the result of an aging home. However,  misaligned doors and windows are a result of an uneven foundation, regardless of the age of the building. If you notice gaps around your windows and doors, or if they don’t close properly, you may be experiencing foundation failure.

Your foundation is what determines the structural integrity of your entire home. Without a strong and stable foundation, your home can suffer many different issues including:

If you have experienced any of the problems above, it would be a good idea for you to get your foundation inspected. You may not think that your wall cracks or uneven floors are a big deal, but even the slightest sign of damage can point to a bigger problem underneath. Getting your foundation repaired is absolutely essential if you want to maintain the health and property value of your home.

Foundation Repair Solutions

Your doors and windows will be back in alignment and work properly by raising your foundation back to its original level. Not only that, but you will protect your home from other serious issues for years to come.

AMC911 Crawl Space & Foundation Repair offers the best foundation repair in Northern Virginia & Hampton Roads. Our underpinning products include ECP steel piers, helical torque anchors, micro piles, and more. We can install these piers underneath your foundation and lift it back into place.

Don’t wait any longer for foundation repairs. Call AMC911 Crawl Space & Foundation Repair today for a free inspection and estimate. 

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