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How To Find The Best Foundation Repair and Waterproofing Services

When water/moisture comes in your crawl space or around your foundation walls, the time to take action is now. Ignoring the issues will only complicate cleanup and repairs. To do so, you need to find the best, the expert, foundation and waterproofing company in your area.  But how do you find the best company?  How do you find the Expert?

Searching for the right company can be an exercise in frustration.  Each competing company has a different method and each swears theirs is the best.  Plus every company is handing out warranties, even those who are one step away from closing or just came into business a few years or even months ago. So who can you trust?

5 Elements to Find The Best Foundation Repair and Waterproofing Services

Years in Business     

Look for companies who’ve been around for 25+years.  Being in the business for 30 years we’ve seen competing companies come and go.  Longevity and stability are important characteristics in a company that promises to support you after completing their work. Don’t rely on what they say, or in their years of experience claimed, check for yourself.

Check Reviews

Investigate their reviews to hear the kinds of experiences customers have had.  Typically people who are vocal about their experiences tend to be vocal because they want to gripe.  Happy customers usually don’t take the time to write a compliment because their problems are gone and they go on with their life.  Some companies even hire review writing services that help them filter reviews or collect only glowing reviews.  Keep that in mind when looking at reviews.

Warranty Work

Every reputable company services what they sell. So ask about warranties offered but don’t be distracted by them.  Remember, mediocre companies use spectacular-sounding warranties as a marketing ploy to make you think their products are better than the rest.  The best rule when buying products and services is to do your research and purchase a product as if it had no warranty.  Then you will shop for quality versus warranties.  Also, this tactic will help you dig deeper into the products used and to ensure you hire truly the best company that installs the best product (a true apples-to-apples comparison).

Company Reputation with other Key Businesses

Any reputable company that has had longevity in its industry is recognized by other entities.  Look for a company that has local ties with key groups as well as within their industry.  Ask them to give you that information when they give you an estimate.  AMC911 is the only “10 On Your Side” expert for Foundation & Waterproofing Services 5 years running, and the“HRPro2Go” in the area.  In our industry, our materials vendor has recognized us as a top 10 performer for the past 8 years running.  This reputation matters.  Make sure who you choose has a strong reputation.

Customer References

A great way to find the Expert you need is to speak to their customers.  Any well-established business should be able to provide you with a list of people in your neighborhood who have used them in the past and/or whose projects are like the one you’re considering.

Take the time to do these 5 things and your chances of finding the true Expert will be a snap.  We’ve been in business for over a quarter-century, have many online reviews, A+ rated with the BBB for over 16 years, service what we sell, and can provide you with names of your neighbors who’ve used us to do the same work you need to be done.   When you start your search for the right company, we encourage you to give AMC911 a call.

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