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ECP Micro Piles

Introducing the ECP Micro Pier Bracket System – Go Where No Underpinning Systems Have Gone Before!

ECP Earth Contact ProductsNow you can install a pre-engineered bracket for your next micropile project that multiplies your safety potential. Developed as a joint venture between leaders in their respective fields, Earth Contact Products and TEI Rock Drills have put their expertise together to design a system to make the installation of micropile brackets as efficient as other underpinning systems. Together we have adapted a proven ECP-style underpinning bracket to attach to the TEI Hollow Bar Drilling Rig, allowing a uniform drilled and grouted micropile.

How does this work? The new ECP brackets transfer the load of the structure to the hollow bar grout column while maintaining the ability of a continuous manifold lift. This key element in the design allows engineers and contractors the convenience of a proven, off-the-shelf bracket system that can easily adapt to micropile applications.

Earth Contact Products MP-350 Micropier Bracket System is easily installed into difficult soil conditions that can contain large cobbles, obstructions, and bedrock. The TEI / MP-250 Drill Rig used in conjunction with the ECP Micro Pier Bracket System is a lightweight and portable drilling unit used worldwide in the pier installation industry. With its proven track record, you’ll find that the installation and drilling of the micropile are fast and efficient. With its grouted column, lateral loading in suspect soils is no longer a problem.

The micropile works on skin friction to achieve maximum capacity. Also, the ability to achieve capacity through end bearing the pile into a socket in the bedrock makes the ECP Micropier a great application in many job site conditions. The micro piers are an engineering feat in themselves. Have your next project design with the ECP MP-350 Micropier and TEI MP-250 Drill Rig. The hollow bar micro pier installs simultaneously as the core hole is being drilled, the grout is pumped thru the hollow bar, filling the shaft and displacing the cuttings-ALL in a simultaneous operation! Thus, saving a lot in time and labor costs.

With this addition to the ECP product line, Earth Contact Products is offering contractors and engineers the ability to add value to their businesses by opening up new opportunities when other underpinning systems may not be able to be installed.

Benefits of the Micro Pier System:

  • The bracket is a pre-engineered and pre-tested product
  • Capacity ratings of 75,000-99,000 lbs
  • Quickly installs to the TEI Drill Rig MP-250
  • Integrated Manifold Lift Design | Minimal site preparation
  • Installs in low headroom areas or limited access areas
  • The system handles difficult ground conditions
  • Easily load tested to verify capacity | Designed to transfer the load to the full length of the pile
  • Cost-effective due to ease of operation and design

ECP Micro Piles

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