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Water in Yard

Pooling water in your yard can not only be a nuisance to your landscaping, but it can also cause some serious damage to your foundation and can cause water to enter your basement. Water pooling in your yard is due to a faulty surface drainage system. Pooling water in your yard will find its way into your basement through any small crack in your foundation.

Water In Your Yard Could Be In Your Basement

water protection for your home or businessWhen water enters your basement it can cause thousands of dollars in damage. A wet basement will cause you to lose living space along with ruin personal possessions. Another concern with a damp, wet basement is it promotes the growth of mold and mildew which can cause an unhealthy environment throughout the entire home.

Water enters the basement in several ways. These are some of the most common ways:

  • Groundwater in soil – saturated soils get pushed into the basement by hydrostatic pressure
  • Surface water running down foundation walls
  • Storm sewer water backing up into the home’s existing foundation drain and leaks into the basement
  • Sanitary sewer water from a clog in the home’s sewer line.

Don’t let a wet basement or pooling water in your yard in Virginia cause you to experience all of the unpleasant consequences that it causes. If you see water in your basement, this is the obvious sign of a wet basement. However, there are other indications that you may have a wet basement. Some of these things to be aware of are:

  • Musty odors
  • High humidity throughout your home
  • Rusty appliances
  • Insect infestation
  • Condensation on pipes

If you notice pooling water in your yard, water standing in your basement, or any of these other signs of a wet basement, let the professionals at AMC911 Crawl Space & Foundation Repair come and give you a free inspection and offer you the best waterproofing repair solutions in Virginia.

Water in Yard Solutions in Virginia

AMC911 Crawl Space & Foundation Repair offers several waterproofing solutions to repair water pooling in your yard and basement waterproofing solutions for your Virginia home. We offer:

Water in yardInterior waterproofing consists of a perforated drain pipe that is installed on the interior of the footings. Then the pipe is attached to a sump pump system which drains the water away from the basement. Exterior waterproofing is true waterproofing as it does not allow water to get near the basement. A perforated drain pipe is placed under the foundation and drains the water away from the foundation. This perforated drain pipe has exceptional water volume capacity, is crush resistant, and can be applied to both residential and commercial structures.

Our surface water drainage collection system consists of

  • Gutter downspout drains
  • Drywells
  • Round and atrium grates
  • Drainage piping
  • Pop-up emitters
  • Channel drain
  • Pipe fittings
  • Catch basin and grates

All of the products that AMC911 Crawl Space & Foundation Repair use are manufactured by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leader in manufacturing waterproofing products in the industry. The sump pump system that AMC911 Crawl Space & Foundation Repair install is the most energy-efficient and effective sump pump on the market today.

Don’t let pooling water in your Virginia yard cause you to spend thousands of dollars on repairs. Let the professionals at AMC911 Crawl Space & Foundation Repair protect your Virginia home against water damage. We have the experience and products to assure that your basement is safe from water. We are a locally owned and operated business and offer free inspections and estimates with a no-cost-no-obligation policy. We put the customer first and give you the personal attention that you deserve. We take pride in the outstanding reputation that we have established in the Virginia area. Contact us today!

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