ECP Plate Anchors

ECP Plate Anchors are designed to stabilize cracking and bowed foundation walls. The inside wall plate is fabricated from 10-gauge hot-rolled steel and measures 12″ X 26″. The wall plate has two embossed reinforcing ribs for additional stiffness, plus a 4″ square, 10-gauge square washer is included for added strength.

The plate anchor, fabricated from two 10-gauge plates, has four reinforcing ribs and four cleats providing approximately 430 square inches of soil bearing surface. The wall plate and plate anchor are connected by a 3/4″ diameter continuously threaded tie rod and secured with nuts. The plate anchor assembly is hot-dipped galvanized for protection against corrosion.

Wall plate anchor

The ECP Plate Anchors are the most economical method for providing supplemental lateral force to help stabilize bowed and cracked walls. The installation can be quickly installed using handheld equipment and requires minimal excavation or disturbance to the surrounding property.

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