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What Are the Best Methods for Basement Leak Repair?

basement leak repair
basement leak repair
ByMariel McClung
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Basement leak repair is one of the most common services a foundation requires. These services come in several forms, all of which help eliminate basement moisture issues and keep your foundation as dry as possible.

Discover the most effective basement leak repair methods to keep your home dry and secure. Our expert guide covers the latest techniques and solutions.

Types of Basement Leak Repair

Here are a few of the most common types of basement leak repair you can choose:

  1. Drainage improvements: A complete basement drainage system includes drain tile, floor drains, sump pumps, and more. These drainage structures are responsible for collecting basement water and conveying it away from the foundation. Many homes lack complete drainage systems, and some have broken or clogged structures. One of the best ways to deal with a basement leak is to repair the drainage system so it functions correctly.
  2. Sump pump installation: While sump pumps are a component of a complete drainage system, they are often absent in many homes. These pumps collect leaking water and push it up and out of the home. Sump pumps work best in conjunction with other drainage systems.
  3. Hydrostatic pressure resolution: When water below the soil’s surface contacts your foundation walls, it creates hydrostatic pressure. The force of this pressure can overcome your foundation walls, causing them to bow, crack, and leak. A foundation professional can excavate around a home’s foundation to relieve hydrostatic pressure and install a better drainage system. They will also repair and reinforce the wall to ensure future leaks are not a problem.
  4. Grading improvements: Sometimes, the cause of a basement leak is faulty grading around the home. Notice if the land surrounding your foundation is flat or pitched toward the home. If so, water can pool near the foundation and leak inside. A simple solution for this issue is to grade the land so it moves water away from the basement.
  5. Gutter and downspout extensions: Clogged gutters and short downspout extensions cause water to pool near a foundation. As pooling water accumulates, it can leak inside. Clean your gutters and install downspout extensions to ensure they convey the water well away from your home.

Types of Basement Leak Repair

Why Basement Leak Repair is Necessary

While it is tempting to overlook a basement leak, doing so is ill-advised. Water in a basement requires repairs because it leads to the following basement issues:

  1. Structural damage: Leaks in your basement likely indicate the presence of significant foundation damage that requires repairs. Additionally, water can also cause structural elements in your basement to decay. This decay affects the foundation and the entire home.
  2. Mold and mildew growth: Water leaking into your basement makes mold and mildew more likely to proliferate. Mold and mildew are detrimental to human health, especially for those with asthma or other lung conditions. These substances can also damage basement structures.
  3. Foul odors: Your foundation should not be home to excessive moisture. If excessive moisture accumulates, it produces foul odors that spread throughout the home.
  4. Damage to living spaces: Many people use their basement foundation as a living space. Unfortunately, leaking water can damage these spaces and their elements.
  5. Damage to stored items: Foundation basements are also where people store them. When water enters this storage space, it will ruin many stored items.
  6. Staining: Leaking water can cause stains to form in your basement. You’ll find that these stains are both unsightly and difficult to remove.
  7. Poor air quality: Whether it produces mold or not, water leaking into a basement will cause the air quality to suffer. This poor air quality will be present in the basement and the rest of the home.

Dangers of High Humidity in Crawl Spaces

How Much Do Basement Repairs Cost?

The total cost of a basement repair service varies greatly depending on several factors. The extent of the damage, repairs you need, and pricing by the professional all affect the total cost. You can expect repairs for a leaking basement to cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Does a Leaking Basement Affect Home Value?

Many homeowners are concerned that the leaks in their basement affect the home value and make it more difficult to sell when the time comes. Unfortunately, a leaking basement will lower the overall value of a property.

Again, the degree to which the value drops depends on many factors. Regardless, it is best to seek repairs for a leaking basement as soon as possible. Repairs ensure your home remains structurally sound and retains its value.

Can You Resolve a Leaking Foundation on Your Own?

The foundation repair cost causes many people to seek a DIY approach to basement leak repair. However, we cannot recommend this approach. Diagnosing a foundation issue and finding the right repairs independently is incredibly challenging. Additionally, the repairs you choose to perform are unlikely to be successful.

A better approach is to find a foundation team in your area to fix problems with your leaking basement. These specialists will diagnose your problem quickly, find the right resolution, and do the job right the first time.

Hire a Pro for a Leaking Foundation

The moment you notice a leak in your basement is your chance to eliminate the issue and prevent future problems. If left unaddressed, a leaking basement will worsen, resulting in significant headaches for you or anyone purchasing the home.

Fortunately, the team at AMC911 is ready to repair any basement issue you face. We have over 30 years of experience serving those in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk. Contact us today to learn more about the excellent services we can offer you.


Mariel McClung

Mariel McClung is AMC911’s Vice President and full-time mother. Mariel studied Marketing at The College of William & Mary and is the operational brain behind AMC911.

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