basement drainage
basement drainage
From: Dianne P.Sent: Monday, October 04, 2010 3:01 PMTo: Joe HouskeSubject: AMC911Success in Hampton VA Dear AMC,The equipment you installed last year (November 2009), after a flood which caused damage to our home, proved successful during the tropical storm Nicole and her aftermath. Our basement remained dry. Although our area experienced heavy rain and flooding...
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Nobody likes spending money on foundation repairs. To make matters worse, foundation and crawl space repair can be pricey and leave you wondering if it was worth the money. Unlike renovating your kitchen and enjoying a new cooking area, crawl space and foundation repair restore your home’s structural integrity. Most people don’t get excited about buying a set of push piers or a crawl space drainage system.

The thing is, if structural problems are left untreated, they’ll get worse, leaving you with a more expensive repair. So, it’s always best to catch foundation problems early. Nothing compares to the peace of mind you get from protecting your home’s most critical part, its foundation.